January 2012

Prayers for Mariana

Please pray for Mariana, she is very sick! Mariana has been struggling for a long time now to stop smoking. Her physical health is suffering due to this stronghold in her life. When she arrives at the Day Center it takes her about 20 minutes to catch her breath. Just sitting with her you can hear her lungs struggle for air. Mariana really wants to stop, but smoking has been her only comfort through all the pain she has suffered for so long.

Now, Mariana is seeking the Lord for strength to overcome this addiction in her life. We don’t think she will live more than a year if she continues on this path. But we know God can give her victory. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would so fill Mariana that she would gain victory over this struggle and be used to reach the world for Christ!

Wheels for the JP

It is time to upgrade our oldest and most dilapidated vehicle at the Joshua Project. After selling this old vehicle we will need an additional $5000 to replace with a newer and more reliable model. It is becoming a financial burden to maintain this vehicle and will be a huge financial blessing to the work here if we can upgrade. Can you help? Please send all checks to International Messengers and add a little note saying it is to help with the car. Thank you!

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you have stuck with us these many years since the Joshua Project began. We thank you that even in the hard times when there is a financial crisis everywhere you have continued to put the work of the Lord in the first place and you have stayed with us to continue the good work God has started here.

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