June 2013

‘’A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation.” Psalm 68:5

Dear JP Friends and Prayer Warriors,

Mariana is a miracle. One year ago, her doctors said there was no treatment for the advanced cancer in her lungs. Yet, she lives today. On June 9th, we watched in awe as she made the public commitment to Christ through Baptism! Mariana has lived her whole life in institutions; abused, frightened and lonely. But today, she glows with the Love of God and is filled with joy and peace, knowing He is with her and that despite the trouble she will surely meet on this side of eternity, she is free to forever rejoice in Jesus, her Savior. Please pray for her as she walks with Him through many temptations and physical struggles. Even as I write this, she sends word to us asking for prayer as she cannot breathe without great pain.

A few days after her joyous declaration, we welcomed 25 campers to our first camp in 7 years without a co-laboring short-term team. Sadly, those who had wanted to come were unable to. We listen all year to stories of how God worked through the previous camp and for many of our kids, it is the highlight of the year; awaited in great anticipation. This year was no different so, rather than cancel, we invited 4 Romanian girls and had one volunteer Kim McKinnon (a dear friend from Canada) to help us. We are so blessed they came.

Upon arrival, many of the kids’ hearts were heavy. They sorely missed an anticipated reunion with those they love from around the world. But God began working immediately in each life. We focused on Jeremiah 29: 11-14, (a rich, powerful portion of scripture about seeking after God with all our hearts) and the kids quickly realized that He was waiting especially for them, His arms open wide. The teachings, crafts and games flowed together and drew many into a deeper, more practical relationship with God as they came to understand they were made to actively seek Him and not be passive (something we should all be careful of).

All 25 campers were touched by the love of God during our time with them (even baby Albert-our youngest camper at 16 months). His mother, Ani, was particularly touched as she realized how she had drifted from the Lord in simply tending to the business of life with a new baby. Tears stained her face as she repented and re-dedicated her life to Christ.

The day after camp is always a time of reflection as we share pizza and good-byes at the Day Center, but this time, Heaven’s angels rejoiced as another soul entered God’s family. Nico came to talk through her desire to surrender her life to Christ and before she left us, she and Claudia prayed together for her to receive salvation. What an amazing Savior we have! Won’t you rejoice with us and our new sister? Please pray for her as she begins walking with our Lord.

Along with Nico, there were three more who prayed for salvation, four who wish to be baptized, and one rededication to Christ! Eternity is now! We stand in awe of this amazing God we serve.

Thank you to all who gave financially and prayed for this camp to take place. We felt your prayers and we saw God’s Glory once again.

  • Please endure in praying with us and for us here at the Joshua Project, that all would turn to Christ!
  • Please pray for the Lord to open the flood gates of His provision. These past 2 month were really tight. We came in 1500 pound short in our monthly giving, please don’t stop giving! God has so much more for us to do. If you can give, please do – not for us but for the lost and the hurting who desperately need to know Jesus. Millions more still need to know!
  • Please also pray for Tresha and Andy who will be travelling in the USA from August 9 – September 2 to share the work God is doing through the Joshua Project. Please pray for God to provide a car and gas money to get around to all the churches and families.

Blessings and Love,

Tresha, Andy, Claudia, and Tony for all the kids and families at the JP

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