October 4 2013

Hi Praying Friends,

What a week to open the Day Center and usher kids into the presence of God.... Yes, we are back in full force with a FULL Day Center and many new faces.

Our trip sharing the JP ministry around Texas was AWESOME... we love you all! God moved on hearts...and we will see what He does from our time there. Already, we have met with doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, kids, and have processed and distributed over 50 boxes in the past two weeks.

Thank you! We are able to bring so many smiles and so much joy to kids and workers in desperation. This is just the door opener but man what a door opener....shoes for kids who've never had any...food for the hungry... gloves and bandages to nurses who have no supplies ...medicines for doctors who can't treat patients without them...an opportunity to Share the Love of Christ.

Today, a young mommy showed up at our door. She and her baby are infected... life is scary and desperate, she came to our door because she heard that hear she can find Hope in Christ. Here is the house where Jesus is... AWESOME! The Center is Full, the Hospitals are Full, and our hearts are full of the Love God has for them...

We are here for one purpose ... THAT ALL WOULD KNOW HIM!

So, keep praying sweet friends.... and keep watching here for updates and prayer requests!

Love and Prayers,

Tresha for all of us here at the JP

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