May 2014

When The Hate Becomes Too Much…

We meet at the Day Center in Resita on Monday’s for a time of fellowship, study of God’s word, prayer and worship with any of our kids who are well enough to come. It is always a time when we seek to draw close to God as His body and encourage one another. For all who come it is a time when we can bring our struggles, failures, and joy before the Lord. Freedom is found in His presence and as we discuss His Word one of our girls opens up. M- begins to share how things at the orphanage are almost unbearable. She has suffered from hearing loss for a long time now and can only hear when she is spoken to in a loud clear voice. As we spend some time in prayer she begins to share how hurt she is by the continual hatred that is experienced at the AIDS orphanage where she and many other of our kids live. The violence, verbal abuse, anger, and atmosphere of hate are overwhelming. The words she shared will never leave me. She shares with us that she would rather lose her hearing completely than live in this war zone where she is forced to stay. If only she could escape the angry words and the extreme abuse that brings so much pain! Her heart is broken but she will not give up, she continues to grow in Christ and He gives her strength to overcome each day. Can you imagine praying for God to take your hearing to escape the angry words that continually surround you? I know some who are reading this know exactly how this feels, others have come through different struggles of their own. She is not alone! Children in Romania with HIV/AIDS are severely abused, verbally assaulted, frightened that others will find out and hurt them, human trafficked because they are so vulnerable, and live in places we wouldn’t even allow our animals to visit. Please pray for God to overcome the evilness surrounding these precious kids, who like M- are desperate to escape the violence. Please pray that God would help us to make an Oasis of Hope, where they can see Him and feel surrounded by His love. We ask that you pray for M- and all our other kids like her who need a breakthrough. That all would know Him…

One Heart at a Time!


Prayer Requests:


1. Please pray for the teams who hope to come this year, last year we didn't have a full team for camp but we praise God that he is putting a few teams together for July.

2. Please pray for the health of the 4 of us, spiritual, physical, emotional …. the warfare is continual in one form or another so please lift us up before the Father. We still have not heard from the Fire Department. Please pray for God’s continual cover from Satan’s attempts to shut us down.

3. Please pray for the finances of the work! God continues to amaze us each month as we are able to continue covering the costs of the work here. However, Andy and Tresha’s personal support is very low right now and they recently lost a large chunk of support ($1000 a month) from a longtime supporter. Please pray about becoming a financial partner and help us continue to reach even more sick and hurting children and families with God’s message of love and hope.

4. Please pray that as we make decisions regarding the direction of the ministry that we would always be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for making The Joshua Project possible, God is changing lives every day through your prayers and giving! We are so very grateful for you!

Love and Prayers,

Andy, Tresha, Tony, and Claudia and for all of us here at The Joshua Project, Romania

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