May 2015

Through the eyes of a child…

What do you see little one? As you look wide-eyed into this world that we live in, what do you see? The cold of winter months is gone now and the warmth of spring sunshine is breaking through each day, what do you see little one? Often as we visit with our young mothers and their little ones I study their sweet faces, I always feel drawn to look deep into their eyes and my heart asks the question silently, what do you see little one? I have seen every emotion expressed by children traveling the journey of life infected by HIV/AIDS, sadness, fear, pain, joy, hope.....the list is endless. Many we have spent just short moments with as they slipped away, others we have grown up with and now see standing taller than us, grown into young men and women, still looking into this world with eyes that see abandonment, rejection and pain but now they see it all differently through the eyes of the redeemed, hundreds have found salvation through the ministry here, affecting thousands as they go out into the world and share their faith, telling the world that they have seen the Messiah, the Holy One. Have you seen Him?? He is closer than you might think!

Please pray for all these precious kids and their families that God’s love would bring them to salvation, we continue to meet new children and adults each week who have been newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The disease is spreading at an alarming rate.

This month we rejoiced again with another two of our special ones getting baptized! Ion gave his life to Christ through one of our Summer Camps and we found a Church that would baptize him even with all of his difficulties. He was raised in the orphanage system, and losing his sight completely in one eye and partially in the other has brought many struggles for him. Today, he has found the Lord and a place with us to grow in the Father’s love. Nico, is another precious soul saved and baptized. Blind and sick as well as an orphan he got a JP Christmas bag a few years ago and we sat and shared Jesus’s love with him, and now He is in love with Jesus. Claudia even found him a player to listen to sermons, music, and scripture.

Please pray we see many more come to faith and get baptized over the next few months, our God is so AMAZING!

Please pray for our teams who are planning to come over this year and help with Summer Camps, Construction Projects, and the Christmas Bag Delivery. The impact of these ministry outreaches is incredible. Ion is just one example of a life transformed by God’s love as teams come and work alongside us.

Fun activities that God is using to build relationships…

We have many programs at the Day Center in Resita, last week we had a sports class with so many kids we had to split them into 2 groups. It rained that day so we had to do a van run! On our way back Gee shared how he thanked God every day for being infected with HIV, he knew he would most likely have lived a life on the streets but because of his disease he has been institutionalized all his life. It is so amazing to hear these amazing kids find joy in the midst of suffering. Beta was also with us that day, one of the hardest of our girls, very reluctant to come to our church service, angry at the world and always ready to argue and fight. As we drove, she listened as Gee shared his heart and began to open up a little telling us how each night she would stare at the ceiling in her room at the orphanage and wonder why she was still alive, you see these kids have watched hundreds of their friends die in the most terrible ways and now Beta is searching for answers, asking questions, and even if we see a little change on the outside God IS softening hearts and breaking up the hard ground. We have a wonderful Savior!

Please pray as we seek ways to connect with the hundreds of kids we have the opportunity to connect with each week. Many are living in desperate situations, pray we can share the Hope that we have in Christ with as many as we can each week as we reach out to them.

We are so grateful for you, and so blessed to know you are standing with us in prayer and support!

Love and Prayers, Andy, Tresha, Claudia, and Tony for all the kids here at the JP

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